Kathy Hogeveen
One Does Not Simply Walk Into Customer Loyalty

Setting up a loyalty program is not a guarantee to creating loyal customers. It takes a deliberate effort to make sure you customers are satisfied with you, your products and the overall experience. A combination of this and an active loyalty program is much more likely to foster the customer loyalty you long for. Read more below:

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According to the latest COLLOQUY Loyalty Census,…

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How Valuable Are Your Customers?

Do you know your CLV? Not even sure what it stand for? CLV stand for Customer Lifetime Value and is crucial to calculating the amount of profit you can expect to generate from any customer. Read below to find out more.


by Amy Gallo

Not all customers are created equal. If you’ve ever run a business (or even just been a customer yourself), then you know that some customers provide more revenue…

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Customer Retention: Increase your Profits by 95%

There’s a lot going on behind the words “customer retention”, before you begin developing a customer retention strategy, be sure to read up on what it all entails.


In average it costs 5 times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current customers (Lee Resource Inc.). The most interesting stat that can been seen in the past 3 years is that existing customers tend to…

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5 Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty in the Age of Social Media

Investing in customer loyalty can be worthwhile for both you and your customers. Social media provide you with another  venue to connect with and make sure that your customers remain satisfied. Below are 5 tips that can help with this.


“Customer loyalty is an important metric of your business’ success. It gives you insight into issues ranging from whether you’re serving the…

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Three Simple Tactics to Increase Customer Loyalty
At the Closing touch we are strong advocates of Customer Loyalty Programs. But having a loyalty program in place is not the only thing necessary to build loyal customers. There are many other aspects worth considering, a large one being the customer service experience, you can read more about this in the article below. By Mike Kamo
For years, my business approach was this: If you make…

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5 Ways to Enrich Your Rewards Program and Gain Customer Loyalty

Have you taken the time to consider why the customer is a part with your rewards program? Are you sure they are completely loyal to your business or are they in if for more light-hearted reasons? Below are 5 ways to make sure your reward program is actually developing loyal customers.

How would you answer this question: Can you buy customer loyalty?

  • Of course!
  • I think so…
  • Surely not?
  • Never!


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4 Tips For Customer Loyalty Programs
5 Ways to Improve Small Business Customer Retention

Retaining business is worth investing your time and money into. Whether it be through engaging your customers by providing quality customer service and products or by motivating your employees to go above and beyond. Both groups of people are essential to customer retention.  Read more below:

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A staggering 68 percent of customers walk away from a business because they are unhappy…

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Customer Loyalty Program: One Size Does Not Fit All Retailers

The article below provides four effective ways that businesses can create loyalty programs that will provide a long-term, interactive relationship with their customers.

What sways a casual shopper into becoming a loyal buyer who shops with your brand across multiple devices and channels? Does loyalty result from offering everyday convenience and long-term savings? Is it something…

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The step-by-step guide to measuring customer loyalty effectively
Take a read at the article below examining the tie between customer loyalty and the client-customer relationship. What’s the goal of your customer loyalty program? If it’s not building a long-term relationship, maybe you’ll change your mind after reading this. By  

Every organization should consider building a profitable customer loyalty program to cultivate the relationships…

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